Feeling confused trying to keep your business in compliance with OSHA & HIPAA rules and regulations?

  • The Omnibus Rule of HIPAA from the Office for Civil Rights required multiple changes to Privacy, Security and Breach Notification Plans.
  • Business Associates are now under the jurisdiction of the Office for Civil Rights and must have policies and procedures which could affect covered entities.
  • The Office for Civil Rights is preparing for their new permanent Audit Program for enforcement.
  • OSHA has changed the Hazard Communication Standard.

These issues can be overwhelming for businesses and especially for healthcare providers.

Madeline Fogg is the sole owner and consultant of Compliance Navigation LLC and is the only one who will answer your questions; you will not have to speak with a stranger on the other end of the phone. You can purchase a manual from anyone, but having a consultant you know and trust to help you is superior service.

Today companies are inundated with recommendations and regulations from various associations and governmental agencies. Medical and dental practices are especially vulnerable and must be particularly vigilant to protect themselves and their patients by staying current on all new and existing laws and regulations.

Compliance Navigation LLC includes personal service, Business Associate Manuals, and trainings for both Staff and Company Officers for businesses in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia.

With willful neglect fines starting at $50,000.00, what your employees don’t know can be very expensive.

If you think you may need help, contact Compliance Navigation LLC.